Active DRIs

Number Name Town Description Status Decision Date
81 M4 (previously M3) Harborwood 40B Multi-Unit Apartments Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to develop 52 residential units and approximately 5,500 square feet of commercial space on the site of the former Hinckley's Hardware through a Comprehensive Permit (40B). On Hold
81 M3 Vineyard Wind Maintenance Building Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Construction of Vineyard Wind maintenance building. Approved September 8, 2022
212 M Island Grown Farm Master Plan Phase 1 West Tisbury Construction of a new Education and Innovation Center and two new buildings for worker housing at Island Grown Farm. Approved June 9, 2022
258 M2 Safe Harbor (Vineyard Haven Marina) Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Removal of 4 existing buildings, construction of two new boat racks, relocation of existing boat racks, relocation of a fuel tank and wash shed, and construction of a boardwalk along the bulkhead. Approved January 12, 2023
277 M2 Tisbury Marine Terminal ANR Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to divide parcel into two parcels Approved December 15, 2022
279 M Stillpoint Meadows (Priester's Pond Modification) West Tisbury Modification of previous subdivision, including repurposing an existing barn for community and educational uses. Approved May 4, 2023
336 M2 Outermost Inn Modification Aquinnah (Gay Head) Construction of permanent canopy to replace temporary covering for outdoor seating area. Approved March 9, 2023
345 M5 Island Cove Apartments Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Mixed-use building with 54 residential rental units and 2,000 square feet of commercial space, and 53 parking spaces. On Hold
352 M4 2020 MVRHS Athletic Fields Oak Bluffs Proposal to install new athletic field facilities at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High school. Approved August 26, 2021
365 M Airport Business Park Expansion Edgartown Expansion of the Airport Business Park to include four new parcels totaling 8.56 acres. Approved October 28, 2021
462 M5 Red Arrow Road Community Housing (South Mountain Modification) West Tisbury Subdivision of land to create a 3.17 lot to construct affordable/community housing. Approved October 20, 2022
464 M4 Lagoon Ridge Modifications Oak Bluffs Modifications related to NHESP habitat, age restriction, and shared septic system. Approved
614 M7 Harbor View Hotel Modifications 2020 Edgartown Changes to the 2018 approval of the modifications to the main hotel and cottages Approved August 26, 2021
622 M 10 State Road Modification Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Ground disturbance within an archaeological resource area, including the removal of trees. Approved April 7, 2022
659 M North Bluff Modification Oak Bluffs Modification to North Bluff Seawall project, including roundabout and parking. Approved December 15, 2022
670 M2 Lampost Workforce Housing - Compliance & Modification to Housing Conditions Oak Bluffs Determination of compliance and modification to the housing conditions for DRI 670-M to reduce the number of units restricted to workforce housing from 10 to 4. Denied June 9, 2022
674 M2 Old Stone Bank Condos Modification of Decision Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Modification of Condition 2.1 from the DRI 674-M Decision recorded on May 14, 2021. Approved
674 M4 Stone Bank Condos Modifications Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Modifications including elimination of second floor of drive-through building, elimination of rooftop solar panels, and addition of a deck and balcony. Under Review
674 M3 Stone Bank Restaurant Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Modification of DRI 674-M to allow for a 70-seat outdoor restaurant with indoor kitchen. Approved March 9, 2023
674 M Old Stone Bank Condos Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to renovate the two existing buildings on the property and construct five new buildings for a total of 11 condo units and six commercial units. Approved May 13, 2021
689 M The Yard Master Plan Modification Chilmark Modifications to The Yard master plan Approved October 20, 2022
694 Caleb Prouty House Historic Demolition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to demolish a house built in 1828. On Hold
695 M Menotomy Building construction schedule modification Oak Bluffs Modification to the approved construction schedule to allow start date of Sept. 15 rather than Oct. 15. Withdrawn
704 112 Dukes County Ave. Demolition Oak Bluffs Demolition of a historic two-story home (already completed) and construction of a new three-story home just outside the Cottage City Historic District. Approved December 2, 2021
707 9 Beecher Park Demolition Oak Bluffs Demolition of a historic house and construction of a new house in the Vineyard Highlands. Approved October 7, 2021
710 Redevelopment of Edu Comp building Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Renovation and expansion of the former Edu Comp building, including residential and commercial uses. Denied August 4, 2022
712 Shearer Cottage Expansion Oak Bluffs Expansion of the Shearer Cottage from 6 to 15 bedrooms. Approved January 13, 2022
714 38 Wing Road Demolition / Aidylberg 3 Oak Bluffs Demolition of a house listed in MACRIS (retroactive) and construction of five age-restricted affordable rental units. Approved July 7, 2022
717 Big Sky Tents Building Edgartown Expansion of a 7,500 square-foot building by 8,500 square feet (total of 16,000 square feet) in the Airport Business Park. Approved
718 7 Arlington Ave. demolition Oak Bluffs Demolition of a house built in 1875 and listed in MACRIS. Denied October 13, 2022
719 Island Autism Group Master Plan West Tisbury Construction of a central building with guest rooms, apartment, kitchen and office space; five separate dwelling units; a barn, and a farmstand. Approved August 11, 2022
720 Martha's Vineyard Hospital - Navigator Homes Edgartown Construction of a skilled nursing facility and workforce housing. Approved December 15, 2022
722 17 School Street Demolition Oak Bluffs Demolition of a house listed in MACRIS. Approved September 1, 2022
723 Main Street Medicinals (previously CR 1-2022) Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to convert the existing 4,900 sf building to a Registered Marijuana Dispensary and Recreational Marijuana Establishment with a 600 sf addition. Approved July 7, 2022
725 Vineyard Wind Helicopter Hangar Edgartown Replacement of a hangar built in 1973 with a new hangar. Approved September 15, 2022
727 Airport Lumber expansion Edgartown Completion of mezzanine, bringing floor area to over 8,000 square feet. On Hold
728 Spinney Cottage Demolition Oak Bluffs Demolition of the Spinney Cottage. Under Review
729 West Chop Club Tennis and Fitness Building Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Construction of a new tennis and fitness center. Approved December 1, 2022
730 Southern Tier Affordable Housing (Phase 1) Oak Bluffs Development of 45 multi-family affordable rental units. Approved February 9, 2023
731 Four Sisters Inn Oak Bluffs Construction of a five-bedroom inn on a vacant lot. Approved February 2, 2023
732 New England Wind 1 Connector (previously CR 7-2022) Edgartown Installation of two undersea export cables associated with the Park City Wind project south of the Island. Approved September 15, 2022
733 1133 Main St. Demolition (previously CR 2-2022) Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Demolition of a house on West Chop built in 1890. Denied September 15, 2022
734 Meshacket Commons (previously CR 10-2022) Edgartown 40B development with 36 rental units and 4 ownership units. Approved December 1, 2022
736 43 Look Street demolition (previously CR 4-2022) Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Demolition of a house built around 1900. Denied December 15, 2022
737 Hangar Lot G West Tisbury Construction of a new aircraft hangar on a vacant lot. Approved January 5, 2023
738 Big Sky Tents Building (Lot 40) Edgartown Construction of a 27,000 square-foot building to consolidate Big Sky Tents operations. Approved March 16, 2023
739 566 Scrubby Neck Road ANR West Tisbury Division of land in the Island Road District classified as prime agricultural soil and significant habitat. Approved January 19, 2023
740 Northern Pines Farm Subdivision Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Form C Subdivision of 42 acres into eight buildable lots and one agricultural parcel. Under Review
741 Surke Meadow Subdivision Edgartown Form C Subdivision of 17.28 acres into five buildable lots, two open space lots and a private road. Under Review
12023 Sea Bags Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Evaluation of formula retail. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) May 4, 2023
22023 Black Dog Buildings, Pier & Marine Railway Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) ANR Division of land, buildings, and associated marine infrastructure into three parcels. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) May 18, 2023
32023 100 Dukes County Ave Demolition Oak Bluffs Proposal to demolish a structure 100 years or older Under Review
42023 Crackatuxet Cove Demolition Edgartown Demolition of more than 25% of a structure built in 1920. Under Review

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