Active DRIs

Number Name Town Description Status Decision Date
24 M3 Island Olympic Trust/Ferrylawn Minor Modification Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to add 338 square feet to an existing deck Approved February 6, 2020
34 M4 Flat Point Farm Barn West Tisbury Minor modification to replace a barn that was tragically destroyed in a fire Approved
81 M2 Harborwood 40B Multi-Unit Apartments Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to develop 52 residential units and approximately 5,500 square feet of commercial space on the site of the former Hinckley's Hardware through a Comprehensive Permit (40B). Under Review
223 M3 M.V. Community Services Master Plan Oak Bluffs Proposed 3 Phase Master Plan for new campus for M.V. Community services Approved April 25, 2019
314 M MV Shipyard Expansion Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposed Shorefront Improvements: installation of two piers/ramps/floating dock systems, and two finger floats adjacent to the existing boat ramps; zone of float reconfiguration; offshore pile installation; re-dredging in a previously dredged area. Proposed Upland Improvements: removal of two existing warehouse buildings; re-grading; construction of a smaller warehouse (within footprint of the removed buildings and existing parking area); formalize parking. Under Review
338 L Squibnocket Beach Causeway Landscape Chilmark Landscape Plan Approval Approved
345 M4 Island Cove Mini Golf Modifications Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to remove the climbing wall, add a food truck & six picnic tables, construct a small deck, and install six small speakers throughout the mini golf course. Approved June 11, 2020
352 M4 2020 MVRHS Athletic Fields Oak Bluffs Proposal to install new athletic field facilities at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High school. Under Review
391 M4 MVRRRD Refuse District Expansion Edgartown Expansion of Martha's Vineyard Resource Recovery & Refuse District facility with 6.5 acres of additional clearing of woods and 3 acres of additional pavement, Approved November 21, 2019
462 M4 South Mountain Expansion West Tisbury Proposal to add 3,600 square feet of lumber storage space, add a 600 square foot solar equipment storage shed, convert existing shop space to offices and meeting rooms, convert existing lumber storage area to shop space, and remove 1,350 square foot hoop building from South Mountain Company campus. Infrastructure changes include increasing parking from 35 to 40 spaces, and increasing number of full-time employees from 18 to 24. Approved August 22, 2019
532 M4 Carroll's Trucking Campus Plan Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to update the Carroll's Trucking site, including adding a new storage building, renovating the existing buildings and reception area, and significant site improvements. Approved August 22, 2019
539 M3 Vineyard Youth Tennis Oak Bluffs Modification to Condition 1a of the DRI 539-M Decision to allow the "bubble" to remain in place year-round. Approved
561 M Old Courthouse Road Tower Modifications West Tisbury Modifications to existing cell phone tower and ground equipment. Approved October 1, 2020
603 M4 DRI 603-M4 Nova Vida Alliance Church - EXTENSION & LANDSCAPE Oak Bluffs EXTENSION REQUEST & LANDSCAPE PLAN - DRI from 2014: To modify the existing DRI 603 approval for a 150-seat church in the existing building with a day care by adding an approximately 4,000 square foot (sf) addition to an existing 7,888 sf residential structure to serve as a 150-seat church with a residence. Approved September 18, 2014
614 M7 Harbor View Hotel Modifications 2020 Edgartown Changes to the 2018 approval of the modifications to the main hotel and cottages Under Review
618 M3 Marijuana Cultivation Building West Tisbury 2019: Modifications to DRI Decision 618-M2 to include marijuana cultivation for recreational adult use, and to increase the total number of allowable employees from 9 to 10. 2020: Further modification to convert 209 square feet of a second floor room from storage to a vegetation room. Approved February 6, 2020
645 M6 Barn Bowl & Bistro Pick-Up Window Oak Bluffs Proposal to add a take-out window Approved April 9, 2020
645 M7 Barn, Bowl & Bistro Outdoor Seating Oak Bluffs Proposal to have outdoor seating during the summer months while indoor dining is not allowed due to COVID-19. Under Review
663 M2 Phillips Hardware Mixed Use Roof Modification Oak Bluffs Proposal to alter the roof in the center of the building to be flatter and less elevated than the original design. Approved
674 M Old Stone Bank Condos Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to create 9 condo units Under Review
677 Verizon Tower Height Extension Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Height of Verizon Tower used to transmit landline calls and Internet access via narrow width microwave between Vineyard Haven and Falmouth (also handles Nantucket) will be increased from 77 feet above ground level to 130 feet ± above ground. Approved July 11, 2019
678 M Oak Bluffs Town Hall Modifications Oak Bluffs Modifications to the proposed Town Hall originally approved in 2017 Approved
682 A Meeting House Place Subdivision Re-design Edgartown Previously DRI 682; revised proposal to create 28 residential lots and up to 10 income-restricted townhouses on 54 acres. Denied
682 B Meeting House Way 2nd Redesign Edgartown This is a Form C definitive subdivision proposal to take 5 parcels spanning 54 acres and subdivide into 28 single family residences with 14 townhouses on the 29th proposed lot. Denied
682 Meeting House Way Subdivision Edgartown Proposed 36-home residential subdivision on 54 acres. Denied
688 Vineyard Wind Undersea Cable Edgartown Proposal to install two undersea cables that will pass through Edgartown waters offshore of Chappaquiddick with two 220-kV export cables install underneath the sea floor to a depth of 5-8 feet using hydroplow or mechanical plow installation methods. Approved May 16, 2019
689 The Yard Campus Master Plan Chilmark Proposal to expand, renovate and winterize the Yard campus with a new larger performance barn, new studios, renovated housing and one new house and more parking. Approved May 16, 2019
690 Wampanoag Gaming Facility Aquinnah (Gay Head) Construction of a 10,000 "sprung" structure Denied July 11, 2019
691 Eversource Energy Storage System (ESS) Oak Bluffs Construct a 14.7-megawatt energy storage system (ESS) in two phases at the existing Eversource service center. Phase one would consist of a new 7,600 square foot building; phase two would be another 6,840 square foot building. Both structures would house lithium-ion battery storage modules, a power conversion system, a control and protection system indoors, and step-up transformers, switchgear and HVAC units outside the structure shielded on three sides by a 10 foot noise attenuating wall. Under Review
693 29 Mill House Road Historic Demolition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to significantly modify the exterior of a historic structure built in 1750. Approved October 3, 2019
694 Caleb Prouty House Historic Demolition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to demolish a house built in 1828. Under Review
695 Menotomy Building Oak Bluffs Proposal to demolish the existing 55 seat restaurant and 3-bedroom dwelling, and replace it with a 52 seat restaurant and four 1-bedroom apartments. Approved April 23, 2020
696 Patient Centric Recreational Dispensary West Tisbury Proposal to operate a recreational marijuana facility at the existing registered marijuana dispensary. Approved September 10, 2020
697 Hob Knob Expansion Edgartown Proposal to construct an addition to the existing site (128 Upper Main St) and expand to a new site (124 Upper Main St); total number of guest rooms would increase from 17 to 35. Under Review
698 Boys and Girls Club Subdivision Edgartown Form C Definitive Subdivision to create four lots on approximately 32 acres. Lot A (14.33 acres) would be sold to the Boys & Girls Club to expand their facilities; Lots B (4.67 acres) and D (2 acres) would be sold to the Town of Edgartown's Cemetery and Parks Departments, respectively; Lot C (9.75 acres) would remain under the ownership of the Norton family. Approved
700 97 Iroquois Avenue Historic Demolition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to alter the façade of a house built in 1898 and listed on MACRIS Under Review
12010 M Little House Cafe Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to modify Conditions 3 and 4 of the Certificate of Occupancy. Under Review
12020 Oak Bluffs Landfill Solar Facility Oak Bluffs Proposal to install a ground mounted solar facility and associated electrical equipment on capped landfill Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) April 16, 2020
32018 Caleb Pond Historic Demolition Edgartown Discretionary Referral by the Edgartown Historical Commission of a proposed demolition of Menaca Hill House Inn for a permit before the Conservation Commission. The house was originally built in Katama circa 1885 as part of the Mattakeeset Lodge and relocated to its current location circa 1908 where it served as an Inn for many years. On Hold
32020 274 Indian Hill Road Historic Demolition West Tisbury Proposal to renovate a historic house built in 1756. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) April 16, 2020
42020 PCMV Tisbury Marijuana Retail Establishment Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) To operate a co-located adult use and medical marijuana retail establishment to eligible customers and patients, respectively. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence)
62020 306 Main St Historic Demolition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to demolish a house built in approximately 1900. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) October 1, 2020
92019 319 Main Street Historic Demolition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to build an addition and construct other alterations to a house built in 1800, including new doors and windows for improved egress safety. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) December 19, 2019
102019 Sheriff's Department Radio Tower Improvements West Tisbury Proposal to structurally enhance an existing tower and add six new antennas and two new microwave dishes for improvements in safety communications Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence)
112019 Crown Castle/Sprint Tower West Tisbury Proposal to add three remote radio heads and modify the antenna mount at the top of the existing tower. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) February 20, 2020

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