Climate Change Adaptation Resources

This page is a work in progress. It supplements the MVC Adaptation Context Booklets being developed for each Island town in 2020, with links to policies, regulations, plans, reports, and other resources that relate to climate-change adaptation on the Island.




Enabling Act of the Steamship Authority (amended 2016)

Districts of Critical Planning Concern (DCPCs) (1975–2014)

MVC Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Checklist (2017)

MVC Development of Regional Impact (DRI) policies (2006–2019)



A Meeting of Land and Sea (2017)

Analysis of Coastal Erosion on Martha’s Vineyard (2008)

CDC vulnerability index maps (2016)

Community Resilience Building Workshop summaries (2020)

Development Permitting Process on Martha’s Vineyard (2008)

Dukes County Flood Insurance Study (2010)

Flood Risk Model (FRM) (2020) – Contact MVC GIS Coordinator Chris Seidel for information

Flood Zones and Affected Buildings in Dukes County (2019)

Hazard Mitigation Plan for Seven Towns in Dukes County (2015)

Inventory of Historic Buildings in Dukes County (2017)

Island Plan (2009)

Living Shoreline Presentation (~2015)

Map of Chapter 61 Lands and Farmland Soils (2020)

Map of Island topography and water features (mid-1970s)

Martha’s Vineyard Organics Composting Study (2017)

Martha’s Vineyard Regional Transportation Plan 2020–2040 (2019)

Martha’s Vineyard Statistical Profile (2019)

Martha’s Vineyard Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) (2019)

Martha’s Vineyard Wastewater Management Study (2010)

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program

MV Land Bank Memorandum of Aspirations (2019)

MVC Climate Crisis Resolution (2019)

MVC presentation on SSA financing and operations (2019)

MVC presentation to Chilmark Climate Change Working Group (2019)

Oak Bluffs Coastal Services Valuation Report (2017)

Population projections (2017–2018)

Presentation on SSA finances and operations (2019)

Town water and wellhead protection maps (2016)

Wetland elevation monitoring presentation (2016)




Applying the Massachusetts Coastal Wetlands Regulations (2017)

Environmental Permitting in Massachusetts (2003)

Federal Historic Preservation Laws (2018)

FEMA Requirements and Technical Guidance

Global Warming Solutions Act (2008)

Green Communities Designation and Grant Program

GreenDOT (2010)

MA Building Code and Stretch Energy Code (2017)

MA Coastal Program Policies (2011)

MA Flood Hazard Management Program

MA Habitat Conservation Plan for Piping Plover, 2016

MA Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Coastal Storms, 2020

MA Rural Policy Plan (2019)

MA Title 5 (Septic System Regulations) (2016)

MA Waterways Regulations (2017)

MA Wetlands Protection Act Regulations (2014)



Cape Cod Climate Initiative

EPA Climate Adaptation Resources and Guidance

Guide to Invasives (2016)

MA Climate Change Adaptation Report (2011)

MA Climate Clearinghouse

MA Hurricane Resources for Emergency Managers

MA Integrated State Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Plan (2018)

MA Sea Level Rise Guide (2013)

MA StormSmart Coasts Program

Massachusetts Coastal Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment Project (2009)

Massachusetts Coastal Zone map (2014)

MassWildlife and Climate Adaptation

Overview of Acidification in the Northeast Region (~2015)

Protecting Coastal Property from Major Storm Damage (2008)

StormSmart Coasts Factsheets (2009–2016)



1854 Ceded Territory Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan

Barnstable Risk Assessment

Climate and Energy Plan for Berkshire County

Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Akwasasne

Duxbury Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan

East Hampton, NY Climate Action Plan

Great Marsh Coastal Adaptation Plan - Part 1

Great Marsh Coastal Adaptation Plan - Part 2

MA Hazard Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation Plan

MAGIC Climate Change Resiliency Plan (includes Concord)

Nantucket Climate Action Plan (draft)

Pioneer Valley Climate Action and Clean Energy Plan

Planning for Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in Northampton

Shinnecook Indian Nation Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Suffolk County, NY Climate Action Plan


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