DRI Step-by-Step Process

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This section of the website outlines the process, based on the relevant sections of the Martha's Vineyard Commission Act Chapter 831 of the Acts of 1977 as amended and the DRI Regulations.

A pdf of The DRI Process (for printing) is available here.


  • Apply to town.
  • If referred to the MVC, fill out DRI application form.
  • Meet staff in scoping session.
  • Participate in Pre-Hearing LUPC.
  • Complete and file application along with plans, studies and other documents.
  • Present proposal at Public Hearing.
  • May attend LUPC and Commission analysis, deliberation and decision.
  • If approved, complete application process with Town.


  • Determine whether proposal is a DRI.
  • If so, refer application to MVC.
  • Participate in Pre-Hearing LUPC meeting (suggested).
  • Participate in Public Hearing and/or send comments in writing.
  • If application is approved by MVC, resume local approval process.
  • Incorporate and enforce any conditions set by the MVC.




  • Staff meets Applicant in scoping session and helps Applicant prepare application.
  • LUPC Pre-Hearing meeting with Applicant.
  • Commission Public Hearing.
  • LUPC Post-Hearing analysis.
  • Commission Deliberation and Decision.






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