Island Plan Participants

IslandPlan-ListofParticipantsSteering Committee

  • Chairman: James A. Athearn
  • Process Committee Chairman: John Abrams
  • Outreach and Communications Committee Chairman: Linda Sibley
  • Development and Growth Committee Facilitator: Henry Stephenson
  • Other Members: Tom Chase, Ann Floyd, Ray Laporte, Ned Orleans, Kerry Scott, Elio Silva, Russell Smith, Bret Stearns, Paul Strauss, Richard Toole, Woody Vanderhoop, Susan Wasserman

Work Groups - Chairmen or Steering Committee Liaisons

  • Natural Environment: Tom Wallace
  • Built Environment: Henry Stephenson
  • Social Environment: Linda Sibley
  • Livelihood and Commerce: John Abrams
  • Energy and Waste: Sharon Strimling Florio
  • Housing: Richard Toole
  • Transportation: Jeff Parker
  • Water Resources: Bret Stearns

MVC Staff

  • Executive Director: Mark London
  • Island Plan Team: Christine Flynn, Chris Seidel, Jo-Ann Taylor, Bill Veno, Bill Wilcox
  • Other Staff: Donna Stewart, Jeff Wooden, Paul Foley, Michael Mauro
  • Interns: Christine Brissette, Emily Lindsay, Fiona MacLean, Ed O’Connell, Sarah Raposa, Ana Sargent, Sam Slater, Zak Steele
  • Facilitation: Robert Leaver, New Commons

Network of Planning Advisors

  • The assistance is gratefully acknowledged of the 560 people who actively participated in work groups or contributed in many other ways. The efforts of Dan Greenbaum are especially recognized.

Office location:

Office location:

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Mailing address:

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