Island Plan Documents

Island Plan DocumentsFinal Plan Documents

  • Island Plan Overview:  This 24-page summary document gives an overview of the Island Plan. It was distributed to all Island homes. Free hard copies are available from the MVC.
  • Martha's Vineyard Island Plan: The full 198-page document takes an in-depth look at nine topic areas (see Table of Contents), summarizing key data, outlining challenges and objectives, and identifying 207 strategies. Hard copies are available for consultation at the MVC and in all libraries and town halls in Dukes County.

Supporting Documents

  • Leakage Analysis of the Martha's Vineyard Economy: This 2007 study by Michael H. Shuman and Doug Hoffer of the Training & Development Corporation provided a snapshot of the Vineyard economy, sector by sector; an assessment of current imports and import-substitution opportunities; and an analysis of the implications for economic development on the Island.
  • Economic Profile of Martha's Vineyard: This 2008 study by John Ryan, principal of Development Cycles reviewed a wide range of economic and demographic information for Dukes County in order to present an economic trends profile that reflects upon the key issues facing the Island.

Studies and Plans

  • Business on Martha's Vineyard Survey: This 2003 survey of 161 businesses was prepared by the UMass Center for Economic Development on behalf of the MVC and the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce.
  • Synopsis of Past Plans: This 2006 document summarizes the recommendations of 22 previous regional and town plans on Martha's Vineyard.
  • Visual Preference Survey: During the summer of 2005, the MVC conducted this survey to identify which components of the Vineyard’s environment people felt contributed positively or negatively to the Island.
  • Island Plan Survey 1 Results: This 2006 opinion survey identified people’s concerns about the future of the Island.
  • Economic Profile of Martha’s Vineyard: This 2006 information sheet summarizes some of the main components and factors affecting the Martha's Vineyard economy. A companion PowerPoint on the Economy provides additional charts and graphs.
  • Martha's Vineyard Economic Profile: This 2008 study was prepared by John Ryan of Development Cycles as part of the Island Plan process. The study reviews a wide range of economic and demographic information for Dukes County in order to present an economic trends profile that reflects upon the key issues facing the Livelihood and Commerce Work Group.
  • Cost of Living Index: This 2006 study measured the relative differences in the cost of consumer goods and services appropriate for professional and managerial households.
  • Leakage Analysis of the Martha's Vineyard Economy: This 2007 study by Michael H. Shuman & Doug Hoffer of the Training & Development Corporation looked at the leakage of dollars – that is, goods and services being imported that could be produced locally – to identify the most promising markets for new or expanded local businesses, and the best private initiatives and public policies to support this kind of economic development.
  • Pre-Feasibility Study of the Extension of the Martha’s Vineyard Network of Shared-Use Paths (SUP): Identification of the missing gaps in the off-road network of SUPs (bicycle paths) linking Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, and Vineyard Haven with each other and the State Forest.
  • Regional Transportation Plan (RTP): This 2007 update of the Island’s long-range transportation plan, sets the vision for the regional transportation system through a look at the existing inventory and operations, setting goals and strategies, and then working within the estimated funding to establish priorities for the Island transportation system improvements. A draft of the 2015 Martha's Vineyard Transportation Plan is currently under review. 
  • Development Permitting on Martha’s Vineyard: This 2008 report looks at current permitting practices on Martha's Vineyard with a view to identifying possible improvements, which might be considered by towns and/or the MVC.
  • Cost of Living and of Doing Business on Martha’s Vineyard:
  • Wastewater Management Study:
  • Tisbury Urban Design Study:Study of downtown and Upper Main Street areas defining characteristics and guidelines for future development. 
  • Agricultural Self-Sufficiency: Study of how self-sufficient in food Martha's Vineyard is now and how self-sufficient it could be with a number of scenarios of land use and diet.
  • Explanations of Island Plan Maps, Data and Growth Scenarios:


  • Island and Ferry Surveys, 2003-4
  • Business on Martha’s Vineyard: This 2003 survey of 161 businesses was conducted in collaboration with the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce.
  • Island Plan Beginnings: This 2006 survey of 222 people identified people’s concerns and priorities.


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