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In the fall of 2016 and early 2017, along with the five other towns on the Vineyard, Chilmark participated in a process to produce a Housing Production Plan (HPP). The HPP can be a guide to the Town’s decisions in addressing housing that is affordable for our workers, families, elders and children.  

Housing Production Plan Process

The HPP process offered an opportunity to thoroughly examine the demographic changes and ever-changing housing market conditions – and how this impacts our community and the Island.  A completed HPP can help Town leaders, policy makers and residents understand the best ways to move towards meeting the current and future housing needs of Chilmark while preserving the Town character and values.  This plan can also guide decision makers as they look to allocate Town resources for any proposed production of new housing by identifying our inventory of existing housing and possible zoning revisions to meet any identified future housing goals. 

HPPs are approved at the local level by the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board and then can be submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development for approval.  HPPs are required to contain the following three elements:

  • An assessment of the Town’s housing needs
  • Goals to assist with meeting the needs
  • Strategies toward achieving the goals

The process was thorough and public to help shape the future of Chilmark as these three elements of the HPP were examined. The interactive community workshops provided information to help guide Chilmark’s housing policies and other initiatives as part of the Housing Production Plan.

For more information about HPPs, this link will bring you to the State’s website:  Housing Production Plans

Questions or comments regarding Chilmark’s HPP can be directed to [email protected]

The Chilmark Workshops took place at the following dates and times:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 7 PM, Chilmark Public Library
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 7 PM, Chilmark Public Library

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 7 PM, Selectmen's Meeting Room, Town Hall

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JM Goldson, is a sole proprietorship established in 2006 by community planner, Jennifer Goldson, AICP, that has a strong track record helping communities develop strategic priorities for community preservation and affordable housing through interactive public engagement. Jennifer has a diverse 20-year background as a professional community planner that blends specialties in housing, community preservation, and land use planning. JM Goldson, which employs 1.5 full-time professionals, specializes in creating Housing Production Plans, Housing Needs Assessments, Community Preservation Act Plans, and Affordable Housing Trust Action Plans. JM Goldson's work is exclusively in Massachusetts.

JM Goldson has completed many Housing Production Plans and Housing Needs Assessments, as well as facilitated interactive community housing workshops for a variety of communities including Agawam, Arlington, Barnstable, Bridgewater, Concord, Easton, Medway, Norwood, Pelham, Southborough, and Sudbury. JM Goldson is also preparing Housing Production Plans in Brookline and Nantucket as a sub-consultant to RKG Associates.

In addition, Jennifer is the primary author of three guidebooks for the Massachusetts Housing Partnership's (MHP):

  1. Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Guidebook (2009, updated 2013)
  2. Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Operations Manual (2015)
  3. the new Community Preservation Act and affordable housing guidebook: Create,  preserve, support (2016)

Jennifer is also a regular trainer at MHP's annual Housing Institute, specializing in building community support for affordable housing, the Community Preservation Act, and Municipal Affordable Housing Trusts.



RKG Associates, Inc. (RKG) is a full service economic,   planning and real estate consulting firm with offices Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Georgia. Since its founding in 1981, RKG has successfully completed more than two thousand consulting projects regionally, nationally, and internationally, providing a comprehensive range of planning, economics, market research, and financial feasibility services to public and private clients. The firm employs ten full­ time professionals and has grown to become one of the most respected economics and real estate advisory consulting firms in the United States.

Judi Barrett, Director of Municipal Services at RKG, will represent the firm in Agawam. A planner with thirty years of experience in the field, Judi has led numerous master plans for cities and towns, conducted comprehensive zoning revisions and recodifications, and developed training programs for town boards and professional planners. She works nationally on inclusionary zoning and fair housing. Judi has completed affordable housing plans and studies for New England clients, including over two dozen Housing Production Plans. She serves as a Chapter 40B Technical Assistance Consultant for MHP, helping Boards of Appeal throughout Massachusetts navigate the comprehensive permit process. In addition, she recently authored a new Chapter 40B Guidebook for MHP.


MV Times: February 1, 2017 Planner urges multiple strategies to create Chilmark affordable housing


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