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Martha's Vineyard Coastal Conference set for Monday, June 6, 2016, 9:30AM - 5:00PM, see /sites/default/files/MVC%20Coastal%20Conference.pdf for Agenda and Details.

Map of the Month: Island Plan Vision Map

The Martha's Vineyard Island Plan's main recommendations are summarized in the Land Use Guidance Map. This vision map divides the Island into two main areas - Town Areas and Rural Areas - and nine subcategories that can accomodate various amounts of growth and that seek varying levels of resource protection and protection of existing character. We'll be displaying a new map every month or so to highlight the work of the Commission.

Notice of Public Comment - DRAFT Transportation Improvement Plan ("TIP) Amendment

The Martha's Vineyard Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) voted today to release the Draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) AMENDMENT for Federal Fiscal Years 2016-2019 for public review and comment.  Comments will be accepted through May 20, 2016.

The purpose of the Draft TIP Amendment is to revise TIP year 2016 to include bus purchases for the Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA), replacing the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road drainage project construction due to design readiness issues for that project.

The Draft TIP Amendment is available for viewing during MVC open hours at:

Martha's Vineyard Commission

33 New York Avenue

Oak Bluffs, MA, 02557-1447

Or online at

The Draft TIP Amendment document is in Adobe Acrobat file format (pdf), click here to retrieve document.

Please send your written comments during the public comment period through May 20, 2016, to:

Martha's Vineyard Joint Transportation Committee (JTC)

c/o Priscilla Leclerc, Senior Transportation Planner, Martha’s Vineyard Commission

P. O. Box 1447

Oak Bluffs, MA, 02557-1447

Or, via email with the subject: “TIP Amendment” to [email protected] 

Additional Note on the current and future TIPs:

This Draft TIP Amendment changes year 2016 of the current TIP, but does not change current TIP years 217, 2018, or 2019.  The next TIP for Federal Fiscal Years 2017-2021, will be a five year TIP, and the project list was also voted for public release this morning. The Draft TIP for FFY 2017-2021 will be released soon for public comment.

The next Joint Transportation Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at 10:30 am, here at the MVC Offices.

The Martha’s Vineyard Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) through the Martha’s Vineyard Commission hereby state their policy to uphold and assure full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities.  The MVC JTC operates without regard to race, color, national origin, English Proficiency, ancestry, creed, income, gender, age, and/ or disability. Any person who believes him/herself or any specific class of persons, to be subject to discrimination prohibited by Title VI may by him/herself or by representative file a written complaint with MassDOT. Complaints are to be filed no later than 180 days from the date of the alleged discrimination. To file a complaint with MassDOT please see the website:


Lagoon Pond Drawbridge Opens to Traffic

Drawbridge AerialWhen the Lagoon Pond Drawbridge opened to traffic on November 24, it was the culmination of a ten-year collaboration between the towns of Oak Bluffs and Tisbury, the Martha's Vineyard Commission, and MassDOT, largely facilitated by the MVC. 

Though there was some controversy in the earliest days about the necessity of building a temporary bridge, the rest of the process was a model of open cooperation. This is mainly as a result of having a standing Lagoon Pond Drawbridge Committee representing Island interests to speak for the Island in dealings with MassDOT throughout the complex planning, design, and construction process. The Committee succeeded in ensuring that the design harmonized with its surrounding, that landscaping improved open space and waterfront access under and around the bridge, and that environmental impacts were minimized.

Drawbridge Tender HouseTisbury Selectman Melinda Loberg, Chair of the Lagoon Pond Committee, Tisbury selectman Tristan Israel, Oak Bluffs selectman Gail Barmakian, and former MVC Executive Director Mark London, were in were in the first cars to cross the $40-million bridge. 

MassDOT’s contractor Middlesex Corp. is now demolishing the temporary bridge and will complete the landscaping in the spring. 

For further information, go to this web page and/or contact Priscilla Leclerc, MVC Senior Transportation Planner leclerc [at]

Review of DRI Checklist is Underway

The MVC's DRI Checklist consists of Standards and Criteria used to determine when a development is a DRI and must or may be referred to the Martha's Vineyard Commission for review. The standards and criteria relate to a project's likely impact on the environment, traffic, and municipal services, among other factors. 

Every two years or so, the Martha's Vineyard Commission reviews the DRI Checklist to identify whether any of the triggers for referral should be revised. Here is a link to the current DRI Checklist, which went into effect in 2013.

In the fall, the MVC’s Land Use Planning Committee (LUPC) held a series of public meetings attended by town officials and members of the public and the Executive Director met town planning boards, building inspectors, and other professionals to get input for the biennial evaluation of the standards and criteria for what should be reviewed by the MVC as Developments of Regional Impact.

At year’s end, the Executive Director was compiling comments, a review of the past decade’s referrals, and recommendations into a report for Commissioners. 

For further information or to give comments, please contact Adam Turner, MVC Executive Director, at turner [at]

See the Title VI and Nondiscrimination Notice of Rights

The Martha's Vineyard Commission Audit is now available, FY2015 Audit Report

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Office location:

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