Active DRIs

Number Name Town Description Status Decision Date
259 M3 Edgartown Marine Expansion Edgartown The proposal is to remove the five (5) existing buildings on the property and replace them with three (3) new storage barns that will encompass all of the existing uses on the property. Currently approximately 450 boats are stored on the property and that number will not be exceeded but the boats will now be stored inside new barns. The proposal also includes 3 small homes to be leased to employees (one 3-bedroom {1,444 s/f} and two 2-bedroom {1,244 s/f} to be built on an as needed basis. Under Review
345 M2 Island Cove Mini-Golf Boat Storage Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to store boats in the parking lot during the off-season (November to May). Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence)
352 M4 H.S. Athletic Fields Oak Bluffs The proposal includes the reconstruction and expansion of the existing Track & Field facility; installation of a 90,000 sf synthetic turf multi-sport field; installation of a 4’ high chain link fence around the site; bleachers with a seating capacity of approximately 500; and the installation of lighting. Under Review
369 M3 Vineyard Decorators Expansion Edgartown A proposal to add a 4,518 sf addition to an existing 12,504 sf existing building for furniture storage, loading docks and a processing area at a home furnishing store. Approved
429 M2 Edgartown Stop & Shop Expansion Edgartown Proposal to add approximately 16,985 sf to an existing 25,289 sf grocery store. Under Review
623 M3 Wavelengths As-Is Modifications Edgartown Modifications made to an approved but improperly constructed building in order to bring it as close to what was originally approved. Approved
646 Cook Road New Mixed Use Building (Petro Tech) Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) To construct a two-story 4,500 sf (3,000 sf footprint) building with a truck repair garage and office on the ground floor and an apartment (1,500 sf) on the second floor. Under Review
649 Mal Jones Tidal Reef/Barge Edgartown Proposal to temporarily sink a barge off of Wasque Point to create a sandbar that stems the erosion of that section of the island. On Hold
651 Masonic Ave. Historic Demolition (DRI 651) Pre-Public Hearing Review Oak Bluffs Proposal to demolish the house on Masonic Avenue formerly known as the Bradley Memorial Church (built circa 1895), also called the Denniston House. The owner wishes to clear the site and has no current plans to build anything else on the property. Under Review
660 Oak Bluffs Water District Solar Farm Oak Bluffs Revised proposal to construct a 1.46 +/- MW Solar Farm within a cleared area of 10.37 acres between Well # 3 and Well # 4 on O.B. Water District property containing wells 3, 4, & 5. The solar panels would be in the Zone 2 Area of Contribution with some clearing in two Zone 1 Areas of Contribution. Denied
663 Phillips Hardware New Mixed-Use Building Oak Bluffs A proposal to demolish an existing (1 and 3 story) building to be replaced by a three-story mixed-use building on Circuit Avenue. Approved
665 M.V. Museum @ Marine Hospital Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Phase 1: Renovation of existing 3-story 10,525 sf Marine Hospital built in 1895 with a 2-story 4,738 sf new "Fresnel Pavilion" and related site work AND Phase 2: new 2-story 9,983 sf gallery wing and 2-story 848 sf connector building. The Proposal also includes the demolition of the 1935 brick addition to the Marine Hospital. Under Review
667 Beryl Way Historic Demolition Oak Bluffs Proposal to demolish a 650 sf former MVCMA Campground Cottage built in 1875. Withdrawn
668 Airport Fire Station West Tisbury Proposed replacement building for the Fire Station and Snow Removal Equipment at the Airport. Approved
669 Sydney Hotel Expansion Edgartown Construction of new addition on vacant lot with 14 rooms, employee housing and 2 retail shops to the existing Sydney Hotel (location of l'etoile restaurant) Approved
670 Lampost Conversion Oak Bluffs Conversion of upper floors from night club to employee housing. Approved
671 Rivera ANR Chilmark Proposed fourth ANR division of land on a piece of property that was 20.7 acres in 1980. Under Review
672 Damroth Subdivision Chilmark 4 Lot Subdivision of 14 Acres Under Review
673 Mayhew Subdivision Chilmark 4 Lot Subdivision of 13.62 acres Under Review
12017 V.H. Marina Restaurant (Garde East) Expansion Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Expand the capacity of the restaurant from 50 to 80 with outdoor seasonal on the upper deck of the marina building. Under Review
22017 Westman Historic Demolition 29 Franklin Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) To be permitted to demolish a Greek revival house in Tisbury built in 1850. Under Review
132016 Santander Historic Roof Tiles Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Concurrence Review of removal of historic clay tiles replaced by asphalt shingles on 111 year old iconic stone building . Under Review

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