Active DRIs

Number Name Town Description Status Decision Date
259 M3 Edgartown Marine Expansion Edgartown The proposal is to remove the five (5) existing buildings on the property and replace them with three (3) new storage barns that will encompass all of the existing uses on the property. Currently approximately 450 boats are stored on the property and that number will not be exceeded but the boats will now be stored inside new barns. The proposal also includes 3 small homes to be leased to employees (one 3-bedroom {1,444 s/f} and two 2-bedroom {1,244 s/f} to be built on an as needed basis. On Hold
271 M Dockside Inn Update Oak Bluffs To modify the description of the original 1988 DRI 271 Decision of an 18 guest room hotel with a managers apartment, 4 staff rooms and 9 parking spaces to match the existing 22 guest room hotel with a managers apartment and 6 on-site parking spaces. Under Review
352 M4 H.S. Athletic Fields Oak Bluffs The proposal includes the reconstruction and expansion of the existing Track & Field facility; installation of a 90,000 sf synthetic turf multi-sport field; installation of a 4’ high chain link fence around the site; bleachers with a seating capacity of approximately 500; and the installation of lighting. On Hold
429 M2 Edgartown Stop & Shop Expansion Edgartown Proposal to construct approximately 17,432 sf of additions to the existing 25,259 sf main Stop & Shop Supermarket building plus the demolition and reconstruction of a slightly larger Rockland Trust Bank building and significant site work. Under Review
589 M Red Gate Farm Lot Line Change Aquinnah (Gay Head) Proposal to make four adjustments to lot lines in an approved Estate Plan on 366 acres in Aquinnah in order to make future houses less visible from the public roads. Approved
614 M5 Harbor View Hotel Edgartown Modifications to DRI 614: Additions to the Main Hotel will not be constructed. The Main Hotel rooms will not be converted to two (2) bedroom suites and the first floor function space will not be increased. Rather than being removed and replaced with five (5) smaller cottages the Mayhew building will remain and be converted from single bedroom units to two bedroom units. Two (2) of the proposed cottages will not be constructed. Under Review
618 M2 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Building West Tisbury Proposal to establish a Registered Medical Marijuana grow operation with modifications to a previously approved but not yet built building in the West Tisbury Light-Industrial District. NOTE: THE PROJECT WAS REVISED ON MAY 26, 2017 WITH THE DISPENSARY BEING REMOVED FROM THE PROPOSAL. Approved July 13, 2017
645 M3 Barn, Bowl Bistro Request Temp. Conditions to be Permanent Oak Bluffs Request by Barn, Bowl & Bistro to make the temporary conditions that the MVC approved last year permanent. Under Review
646 Cook Road New Mixed Use Building (Petro Tech) Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) To construct a two-story 4,500 sf (3,000 sf footprint) building with a truck repair garage and office on the ground floor and an apartment (1,500 sf) on the second floor. On Hold
649 Mal Jones Tidal Reef/Barge Edgartown Proposal to temporarily sink a barge off of Wasque Point to create a sandbar that stems the erosion of that section of the island. On Hold
662 M Chappaquiddick Permanent Tower Edgartown Proposal to build a permanent 115 foot high monopole on same property as temporary tower. Under Review
665 M.V. Museum @ Marine Hospital Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Phase 1: Renovation of existing 3-story 10,525 sf Marine Hospital built in 1895 with a 2-story 4,738 sf new "Fresnel Pavilion" and related site work AND Phase 2: new 2-story 9,983 sf gallery wing and 2-story 848 sf connector building. The Proposal also includes the demolition of the 1935 brick addition to the Marine Hospital. Approved May 30, 2017
672 Damroth Subdivision Chilmark 4 Lot Subdivision of 14 Acres Approved July 6, 2017
673 Mayhew Subdivision Chilmark 4 Lot Subdivision of 13.62 acres Approved April 6, 2017
674 Santander Historic Roof Tiles Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) DRI Review of removal of historic clay tiles replaced by asphalt shingles on 111 year old iconic stone building. Approved July 6, 2017
675 Westman Historic Demolition 29 Franklin Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) To be permitted to demolish a Greek revival house in Tisbury built in 1850. Approved July 6, 2017
677 Verizon Tower Height Extension Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Height of Verizon Tower used to transmit landline calls and Internet access via narrow width microwave between Vineyard Haven and Falmouth (also handles Nantucket) will be increased from 77 feet above ground level to 130 feet ± above ground. Under Review
678 O.B. Town Hall Oak Bluffs To demolish the existing Town Hall and construct a new 3-story 21,000 G. S.F. Town Hall (w/partial basement) on the same site. Under Review
52017 Chambers ANR Edgartown Proposal to divide 2 narrow lots with 2.63 acres into 4 lots. On Hold
62017 West William IHT Historic Demolition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Applicant proposes to demolish house built in 1880. Withdrawn
72017 13 Beach Road Ext/ Wintertide Addition Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Addition of second and third floors for a three-bedroom apartment to a one-story section of an existing building at the rear of the Wintertide/Topical Building on Beach Road Extension in Vineyard Haven. Under Review

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