Active DRIs

Number Name Town Description Status Decision Date
34 M3 Flat Point Farm Form B Preliminary Revised Estate Plan 2018 West Tisbury A revised Form B Preliminary Estate Plan that would create four new buildable lots (3 acres each), 5 lots around existing buildings (4-6 acres each) and place 60 acres in conservation on a 91.6 acre farm with four (4) existing buildable lots. Approved May 24, 2018
223 M3 M.V. Community Services Master Plan Oak Bluffs Pre-Application: Proposed 3 Phase Master Plan for new campus for M.V. Community services Under Review
248 M2 North Tabor Farm Solar Array Chilmark Installation of a 56 Module ground mounted solar array with a pipe frame. The proposed dimensions are 77’ (length) x 10’ (width) x 8’7” (height). The array would be situated in a way to have minimal visual impact. Under Review
271 M Dockside Inn Update Oak Bluffs To modify the description of the original 1988 DRI 271 Decision of an 18 guest room hotel with a managers apartment, 4 staff rooms and 9 parking spaces to match the existing 22 guest room hotel with a managers apartment and 6 on-site parking spaces. Approved May 10, 2018
324 M5 Martha's Vineyard Hospital Modifications Oak Bluffs Proposal to allow 1) the conversion of the 7,575 square foot former Unit 1 at Windemere, which was originally used for supportive nursing care, to be used for General Surgery and Women's Health Clinics. Unit 1 has been used by the Hospital since 2006 for clinical and business services; and 2) the conversion of the 7,230 square foot former Unit 2 at Windemere, which was originally used as a rest home (Wildflower Court) to be used for business services. Under Review
429 M2 Edgartown Stop & Shop Expansion Edgartown Proposal to construct approximately 17,432 sf of additions to the existing 25,259 sf main Stop & Shop Supermarket building plus the demolition and reconstruction of a slightly larger Rockland Trust Bank building and significant site work. Approved January 25, 2018
524 M4 VTA Solar Edgartown Installation of rooftop photovoltaic panels and solar canopies at the VTA site in the Airport Business Park. On Hold
539 M2 Vineyard Youth Tennis Mission Mod Oak Bluffs Proposal to allow adults to play at Vineyard Youth Tennis club at certain hours in order to continue with their mission now that philanthropic financial backing has ended. Under Review
614 M6 Harborview Hotel Modifications Edgartown Modifications to DRI 614: The total square footage reduced by app. 8,000 sf; A 1,620 sf spa on the south side of the main building will be constructed and a 275 sf addition to the function hall; the Mayhew building will remain (rather than 5 smaller cottages) and the exterior of the building will be renovated and exterior porches enclosed;4 of the proposed cottages (Mayhew, Fisher, Penniman and Martin) will not be constructed. The net change in rooms is 26 more than are presently on the property and 29 more than the 2008 approved plan. The parking will increase from the 77 spaces (allowed in 2008) to 97 spaces (same room to parking ratio). The construction will occur in two planned phases. Approved June 21, 2018
617 M Fortune World/ Sweet & Treat Oak Bluffs Food Service Concurrence Review and Landscape Plan Approved June 14, 2018
649 Mal Jones Tidal Reef/Barge Edgartown Proposal to temporarily sink a barge off of Wasque Point to create a sandbar that stems the erosion of that section of the island. On Hold
653 M3 Dias Wastewater Modification Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) To modify condition requiring installation of composting toilets in the upstairs apartments. Approved July 12, 2018
662 Chappy Wireless Antenna Edgartown 2016 Approval Granted Extension 5/10/2018. To locate a wireless communications facility, including without limitation a 104-foot ballast mounted concealed antenna monopole with 3 guy wires and anchors, 3 panel antennas, a ground mounted dish antenna of 6 feet in diameter, coaxial cables, and 2 radio communications equipment cabinets to be located within an existing building. Approved April 14, 2016
665 M MV Museum Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Modifications to the M.V. Museum site plan based upon adjustments to archaeological features discovered during the excavation and construction process. Approved June 21, 2018
669 Sydney Hotel Expansion Edgartown Construction of new addition on vacant lot with 14 rooms, employee housing and 2 retail shops to the existing Sydney Hotel (location of l'etoile restaurant) Approved January 5, 2017
670 M Lampost Workforce Housing Reconfiguration Oak Bluffs Proposed reconfiguration of workforce housing units on upper floors. Approved June 14, 2018
677 Verizon Tower Height Extension Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Height of Verizon Tower used to transmit landline calls and Internet access via narrow width microwave between Vineyard Haven and Falmouth (also handles Nantucket) will be increased from 77 feet above ground level to 130 feet ± above ground. Under Review
682 Meeting House Way Subdivision Edgartown Proposed 36-home residential subdivision on 54 acres. Under Review
683 Division Road ANR Edgartown Review of Five (5) lot Form A (ANR) division of property. Approved June 21, 2018
684 Indian Hill Historic Demolition West Tisbury Proposal to demolish a house built in 1756. Under Review
685 OB Emergency Services Radio Tower Oak Bluffs Construction of a 140 ft radio emergency communications tower to improve public safety. Under Review
32018 Giles ANR Aquinnah (Gay Head) ANR division of a 4-acre lot into two 2-acre lots around existing dwellings. Site is within the Island Road DCPC. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) June 21, 2018
52017 Chambers ANR Edgartown Proposal to divide 2 narrow lots with 2.63 acres into 4 lots. On Hold
52018 19 Raw Oyster Bar Expansion Edgartown To add 15 outdoor seats to a 49 seat restaurant for a total of 64 seats. Remanded to Town (Non-Concurrence) July 12, 2018
62018 Winnetu Addition Edgartown Three story 2,327 sf addition (920 sf new footprint) to house existing offices, massage and fitness room from across the street at Mattakesett to the hotel in order to provide new worker housing at Mattakesett. Under Review

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