RFP for Shared Transportation Engineer

*This RFP was updated on March 2, 2018 to clarify a conflicting deadline found in the initial posting. The deadline for proposals is April 12, 2018.*
The MVC will be accepting submissions for an RFP that will provide transportation design services across the island towns of Martha's Vineyard. 
Please review the RFP in its entirety, and reach out to Dan Doyle at [email protected] with any questions no later than March 9, 2018.
Martha's Vineyard is an island.
  • As an island, it is accessible by boat or air.
  • Its explosion in popularity over the past generation has resulted in rapid growth, straining a road network designed for a much smaller population.  Although roadway, ferry, and air traffic has leveled in recent years, off-season and up-Island automobile traffic is still rising.
  • As a summer resort, there is a nearly four-fold fluctuation in the number of people on the Island, leading to seasonal congestion and safety problems, and straining of infrastructure capacities.
  • The Island’s largely scattered population means that the motor vehicle will probably continue to be the dominant form of transportation and it is challenging to offer alternative means of transportation.
  • As a place with unique environmental, scenic, and historic qualities, there is ongoing concern about the impact of transportation on these important features of the Vineyard.

As the population continues to grow, the challenge will be how to deal with increasing traffic demand while avoiding inappropriate physical engineering solutions that undermine the Vineyard’s scenic beauty. The main way to do this is by strengthening alternative modes of getting around. Fortunately, the Island has an excellent public transit system run by the Vineyard Transit Authority. It already has 35 miles of off-road Shared Use Paths (bike paths) and several extensions are planned. 

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