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Numbersort ascending Name Town Description Decision Date
560 M3 Kuehn's Way (Bridge) Affordable Housing Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) The Island Housing Trust (IHT) proposes to build a neighborhood of ten (10) clustered rental duplex buildings (20 residential rental units) with a total of 40 bedrooms for tenants earning $28,000 - $67,000 (depending on household size) to be managed by the DCRHA.. The proposal includes clustered development within a 4-acre building envelope with 35 parking spaces and enhanced de-nitrification septic systems.
557 M 7 Beach Street/Kidder Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Demolition & Reconstruction November 17, 2005
555 M Southern Woodlands Oak Bluffs Modification to a 26-Lot Subdivision previously approved in 2004. January 21, 2016
551 M2 G.O.O.D. Co. Edgartown Private Health Club in Residential Subdivision August 10, 2006
551 M3 B.A.D.D. Co Modification Edgartown Mod. to allow 110 bedrooms on 25 remaining residential lots (previously 110 BR on 32 lots) May 31, 2007
551 M5 Field Club Affordable Housing Change Edgartown Change to BADD Co. (DRI 551) Affordable Housing Offer August 28, 2008
550 M2 Mansion House Room Conversion Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Conversion of retail, conference and office/gym space into 8 additional guest rooms. November 3, 2011
549 M Hart Plumbing Building West Tisbury Change from office use to mixed use with retail March 8, 2007
549 M2 Jim Hart Building West Tisbury Modification to mitigate unauthorized cutting of screening trees July 7, 2011
549 M3 Hart/ Nagy Medical Office Bldg West Tisbury To construct a 5,400 sf (plus basement) medical office building in West Tisbury. September 21, 2019
539 M Vineyard Youth Tennis Oak Bluffs Conditions Review April 28, 2005
539 M2 Vineyard Youth Tennis Mission Mod Oak Bluffs Proposal to allow adults to play at Vineyard Youth Tennis club at certain hours in order to continue with their mission now that philanthropic financial backing has ended. September 20, 2018
532 M Carroll's Realty Trust Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Subdivision - Concurrence Review December 2, 2004
532 M3 UPS Expansion at Carroll's Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Adding an additional modular sorting car to accommodate up to 12 more UPS Trucks at a time. May 24, 2018
525 M Martha's Vineyard Coffee Shop LLC Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Dunkin' Donuts franchise at Tisbury Shell Station September 21, 2019
525 M2 Island Deli Market Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Expansion of food establishment in Tisbury Shell Station September 9, 2010
524 M V.N.A. @ V.T.A. Edgartown Vineyard Nursing Association office trailers to be temporarily housed at V.T.A. September 21, 2019
524 M2 V.T.A. Storage Area Edgartown To add a 240 square foot (24’ by 10’) storage area for tires, metals, and fork lift. The area would be confined with a chain link fence and a roof but no enclosed walls. May 7, 2009
514 M3 Folino Building Edgartown An addition of 1,595 sf of mezzanine space to a 16,672 sf building. April 2, 2009
504 M2 Anderson/Wintertide Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Conversion of attic to residential September 1, 2005
500 Herring Creek Farm III Edgartown subdivision November 30, 2000
500 M Herring Creek Edgartown none
499 Island Trans/Pier 44 Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction September 9, 1999
499 Island Trans/Pier 44 Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction September 9, 1999
498 Black Dog Cafe Exp. Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction January 27, 2000


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