Previous DRIs

Number Name Townsort descending Description Decision Date
423 M-6 Options in Education West Tisbury Expansion to Charter School June 12, 2008
598 M J. Ferry Tennis/Yoga West Tisbury Modification to place yoga studio in 2 offices June 12, 2008
0 Up Island Paint & Tool West Tisbury Concurrence Review - Retail on High Traffic List August 28, 2008
618 Williams Commercial Parking West Tisbury Commercial Parking Lot December 8, 2019
393 M2 FOCUS West Tisbury To modify their project to allow the operation of a music school December 8, 2019
34 M2 Extension Flat Point Farm Estate Plan Extension West Tisbury Extension to approval of Preliminary Estate Plan
34 M2 Extension Flat Point Farm Estate Plan West Tisbury Extension to approval of Preliminary Estate Plan
374 M2 MV Ag Society Landscape Plan West Tisbury Review of Landscape Plan for C.O. July 27, 2009
0 AT&T Airport Cell Tower West Tisbury Larger and relocated replacement of AT&T cell tower December 17, 2009
549 M2 Jim Hart Building West Tisbury Modification to mitigate unauthorized cutting of screening trees July 7, 2011
341 M2 Crow Hollow Farm Division West Tisbury Create on more lot around existing dwelling February 18, 2010
618 M Williams/Big Sky Tents West Tisbury Construction of a 9,000 sf building to house a tent and party rental company October 7, 2010
589 M2 Ferry /Art Gallery West Tisbury To locate an art gallery in the house in front of the tennis project that was a dog groomer. Note: Ice Cream Parlor was not allowed by law. April 15, 2010
34 M2 Flat Point Farm Form B Preliminary Estate Plan 2009 West Tisbury Form B Preliminary Estate Plan April 28, 2011
34 M2 Flat Pt Farm Revision to Sunset Clause West Tisbury Form B Preliminary Estate Plan April 28, 2011
0 CR 2 - 2011 OM of Motion West Tisbury 11 bike spinning studio May 11, 2011
0 Bizarro Beetlebung West Tisbury To clear a 9,025 sf (95’ X 95’) area on a one-acre site to house a landscape/tree care company.The site already houses ABC Disposal Service (formerly Bizarro) within a stockade fence. December 8, 2019
327 M W.T. Library Expansion West Tisbury Renovation and expansion of the existing West Tisbury Free Public Library June 7, 2012
462 M3 South Mountain Solar Panels West Tisbury Addition of solar photovoltaic panels to roof July 12, 2012
340 M Sepiessa Affordable Housing Expansion West Tisbury To add three affordable housing units with six bedrooms to an existing affordable housing complex with four units and six bedrooms for a total of seven units and twelve bedrooms. October 18, 2012
124 M3 Plum Bush Pont Homesite Lot West Tisbury Subdivide one 4.1-acre lot into on 3.1-acre lot and one 1-acre homesite lot. January 10, 2013
640 Verizon W.T. Cell Tower - Doane West Tisbury 80 foot tall wireless cell tower April 11, 2013
549 M3 Hart/ Nagy Medical Office Bldg West Tisbury To construct a 5,400 sf (plus basement) medical office building in West Tisbury. December 8, 2019
644 Fuller Landscaping Containers West Tisbury To locate eight storage containers (20’L X 8’W X 8.5’H) on a property in the West Tisbury Light-Industrial Zone for storage of landscape equipment and materials. October 24, 2013
0 Disc. Ref. of Medical Marijuana Dispensary West Tisbury To locate a Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD) in the basement of Vineyard Complementary Medicine. May 8, 2014


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Office location:

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