Previous DRIs

Number Name Town Description Decision Datesort descending
165 M2 Clarion/ Shiretown Conversion Edgartown Conversion of Shiretown Meats to four rooms at the adjoining Clarion Inn.
49 M6 MV Arena Concessions Oak Bluffs Proposal to convert vending machine area to concession area with heated pre-made food and snacks.
165 M3 Clarion Hotel Kitchen & Parking modifications Edgartown Changes to kitchen with vestibule enclosure and newly acquired land (yard) to be additional parking lot. The applicant later withdrew the parking lot portion of this project.
623 M4 Wavelengths Basement Edgartown Proposal to create storage and guest staff apartment in basement.
12019 35 Main Street VH Restaurant Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to convert a building on Main Street in Vineyard Haven (formerly Barn & Bowl and Bunch of Grapes and earlier a firehouse, stables and taxi stand) to a 130 seat restaurant.
648 L Mariner's Way Landscaping & Lighting Edgartown Landscaping, Lighting and HVAC placement plans
170 M5 Restaurant at Post Office Square Edgartown 30-seat year-round restaurant with buffet in Building C at Post Office Square. Applicant withdrew their application at the Edgartown Planning Board meeting of April 2, 2019.
484 M-4 L.S.V. Realty Trust (Vineyard Golf Club) Edgartown construction member housing December 15, 2019
574 4 Causeway Rd Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction office bldg December 15, 2019
576 1986 Evelyn Way Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction - comm December 15, 2019
339 M-3 Vineyard Home Center Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Commercial expansion December 15, 2019
581 Vineyard Gardens West Tisbury Commercial Expansion December 15, 2019
583 ADV Realty Trust Oak Bluffs Residential Development December 15, 2019
589 Red Gate Farm Aquinnah (Gay Head) Red Gate Farm Estate Plan December 15, 2019
39 M Woodland Business Center Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Strip Mall Renovation December 15, 2019
591 The Lookout Tavern Oak Bluffs Restaurant Expansion December 15, 2019
524 M V.N.A. @ V.T.A. Edgartown Vineyard Nursing Association office trailers to be temporarily housed at V.T.A. December 15, 2019
525 M Martha's Vineyard Coffee Shop LLC Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Dunkin' Donuts franchise at Tisbury Shell Station December 15, 2019
592 Bird's Nest Cottage Oak Bluffs Demolition of historic home December 15, 2019
39 M3 UPS Store Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) UPS Store (high traffic generator) in Woodland December 15, 2019
596 Oyster Bar Oak Bluffs Add Two Floors with 6-8 Apartments December 15, 2019
605 Viera Park Baseball Oak Bluffs Expanded baseball complex in public park December 15, 2019
476 M Cimeno Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Property not a DRI December 15, 2019
610 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Oak Bluffs Proposal to build a new 4,668 sf (Phase 1) Church on Edg-VH Road next to the High School December 15, 2019
611 DeSorcy 5 Corners Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) New Mixed Use Building on 5 Corners December 15, 2019


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Office location:

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