Previous DRIs

Number Name Town Description Decision Datesort descending
494 Robinson/Benham Chilmark subdivision
500 M Herring Creek Edgartown none
34 M2 Extension Flat Point Farm Estate Plan Extension West Tisbury Extension to approval of Preliminary Estate Plan
34 M2 Extension Flat Point Farm Estate Plan West Tisbury Extension to approval of Preliminary Estate Plan
484 M6 Vineyard Golf Club -Members Rooms Edgartown modification
649 Mal Jones Tidal Reef/Barge Edgartown Proposal to temporarily sink a barge off of Wasque Point to create a sandbar that stems the erosion of that section of the island.
649 Mal Jone's Tidal Reef/Barge Edgartown Proposal to temporarily sink a barge off of Wasque Point to create a sandbar that stems the erosion of that section of the island.
645 M Oak Bluffs Bowling - Denitrification - Connection to Sewer Oak Bluffs Proposal to modify the decision approving DRI 645 to allow connection to the Oak Bluffs town sewer rather than install on-site denitrification.
651 Masonic Ave. Historic Demolition Oak Bluffs Proposal to demolish the house on Masonic Avenue formerly known as the Bradley Memorial Church (built circa 1895), also called the Denniston House. The owner wishes to clear the site and has no current plans to build anything else on the property.
483 M3 Tom's Neck Farm Re-Division Edgartown Create 2 new lots from remaining 7 lots.
656 DeBettencourt Garage High Point Lane Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Major topographical alteration to prepare a site for a 5,166 gsf (4,500 sf footprint) vehicle repair garage with three repair bays able to accommodate trucks, a vehicle inspection station, offices, waiting area, and storage
647 M IHT Water Street Apartments - Modification Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Modification
391 M2 M.V. Refuse & Resource Recovery District Expansion Edgartown The proposal is to expand the footprint of activity and restructure traffic flow for commercial and residential drop-off of trash and recycling at the Edgartown Transfer Station serving Edgartown, West Tisbury, Chilmark, and Aquinnah.
72105 C.R. 7 - 2015 Evolve Studio Expansion Edgartown 1700 sf addition to an existing 1800 sf pilates studio in Edgartown B-2 District
62015 Weston Avenue Demolition Oak Bluffs The proposal is to demolish an existing one-story1,553 sf bungalow part of which was originally built in 1880 and replace it with a two-story 2,250 sf gambrel single family modular house.
660 Oak Bluffs Water District Solar Farm Oak Bluffs Revised proposal to construct a 1.46 +/- MW Solar Farm within a cleared area of 10.37 acres between Well # 3 and Well # 4 on O.B. Water District property containing wells 3, 4, & 5. The solar panels would be in the Zone 2 Area of Contribution with some clearing in two Zone 1 Areas of Contribution.
560 M3 Kuehn's Way (Bridge) Affordable Housing Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) The Island Housing Trust (IHT) proposes to build a neighborhood of ten (10) clustered rental duplex buildings (20 residential rental units) with a total of 40 bedrooms for tenants earning $28,000 - $67,000 (depending on household size) to be managed by the DCRHA.. The proposal includes clustered development within a 4-acre building envelope with 35 parking spaces and enhanced de-nitrification septic systems.
345 M2 Island Cove Mini-Golf Boat Storage Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) Proposal to store boats in the parking lot during the off-season (November to May).
102016 Husbey Legacy Industrial Subdivision West Tisbury Proposal to subdivide a 9.67 acre parcel in the West Tisbury Light Industrial Zone into 4 lots.
620 M3 Morning Glory Farm Workforce Housing & Solar Edgartown Morning Glory Farm is asking for a three part modification: The first part is to meet Condition 8.1 of the DRI 620 Decision with a new workforce housing bunkhouse with 10-12 beds; second is to add a covered exterior stairway to the back of the main farm stand building; and third to install a ground mounted solar array occupying an area of approximately 6,000 square feet.
352 M4 H.S. Athletic Fields Oak Bluffs The proposal includes the reconstruction and expansion of the existing Track & Field facility; installation of a 90,000 sf synthetic turf multi-sport field; installation of a 4’ high chain link fence around the site; bleachers with a seating capacity of approximately 500; and the installation of lighting.
663 Phillips Hardware New Mixed-Use Building Oak Bluffs A proposal to demolish an existing (1 and 3 story) building to be replaced by a three-story mixed-use building on Circuit Avenue.
664 Featherstone Art Barn & Pottery Studio Oak Bluffs The proposal includes the demolition of two existing buildings (total app 3,330 sf) and the construction of two new bigger buildings with a total of 8,800 sf. The proposal includes the demolition of the art barn and the construction of a new bigger Art Barn with offices, classrooms, a commercial kitchen, and a gallery and a new pottery studio at the Featherstone Center for the Arts.
112016 Kanter Beach ANR Edgartown ANR Division of a 3.1 acre beach lot between Edgartown Great Pond and the Atlantic Ocean into two un-buildable beach lots.
622 M Grillo/10 State Road Conversion of Basement to Office Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) To convert the basement of a three-story 5,655 gsf mixed use building from storage to two offices.


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