Previous DRIs

Number Name Town Description Decision Datesort descending
446 Edqartown dredging Edgartown dredging
447 Thimble Farm Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) expansion of existing
450 M Houlahan Subdivision Edgartown modify walkway
451 M Little Wheels/Airport Edgartown modification
453 South Mountain Co. West Tisbury construction
459 Polly Hill Arboretum West Tisbury construction
460 MV Parasail Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) watercraft operation
461 Alexander's HV AC Edgartown construction
462 M South Mt Co-housing West Tisbury modification
463 James Parr Oak Bluffs construction
466 Atlanta Island Auto Rental Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) auto rental
466 Atlanta Island Auto Re Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) auto rental
467 Tisbury Texaco Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) expansion
468 Herring Creek Farm II Edgartown subdivision - res
472 Carroll's Realty Trust Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction
472 A Carroll's Realty Tr Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) storage-propane
473 Baumhofer, Vogel Edgartown construction
474 Tisbury Wharf Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) commercial
474 A Tisbury Wharf Addtn Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) commercial
478 Vineyard Service Cent Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction
479 TES-Packer Gas Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) construction
481 Hornblower Marine Se Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) navigation
484 M-1 MV Golf Partners Edgartown modification
488 Willow Tree Bottom Tr West Tisbury subdivision
490 Sun 'n Fun Oak Bluffs moped rental


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Office location:

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Mailing address:

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